Thank you for all your support in this victory today

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Thank you to all my supporters for this victory in the preliminary election. We finished first and will be moving on to November facing off against the runner-up.

My supporters and I knocked nearly 6,700 doors in Ward 5. These door-to-door conversations are what politics is about: about connecting with our neighbors about a shared vision for the city and helping to put it into action.

Voters in Ward 5 agree we need to make sure Newton is a community for everyone – for residents of all ages, ethnicities, national origins, faiths, abilities, incomes – where people can afford to live & thrive at any stage of their life, whether they're starting adulthood or aging in place.

In the upcoming term, the City Council has the opportunity to build upon its history of climate action with even bolder policies that recognize the scale of the crisis. Our ward understands we need a new generation of leadership on climate, transportation, housing, and more.

I'm looking forward to continuing these conversations and spreading our message over the next two months, and I hope you'll be there with me through the November election. To learn more about my campaign, visit Thank you again for all your support.