Who Bill Is

Bill Humphrey is a progressive Democrat and fifth-generation native of Newton, Massachusetts. He is a proud product of the Newton public school system, having graduated from Angier Elementary, Brown Middle School, and Newton South High School. Bill continues to volunteer as an assistant coach to the Newton South Speech and Debate team.

Bill Humphrey is a former student of mine. The best qualification he has is one he brought on his own: Injustice and unfairness really, deeply, and personally offends him. He doesn’t let such things go, whether or not they personally affect him.
— Chris Palmer


Bill Humphrey is a former Senior Editor at The Globalist magazine and a senior researcher at The Globalist Research Center, where he worked with scholars and high-level government officials from around the world to promote global cooperation and societal integration.

In 2017, Bill served as the Political Committee Chair for the Massachusetts Sierra Club, pushing candidates for municipal and state elections to embrace more ambitious goals for climate action and environmental public safety.

From 2011 to present (except during the 2016 campaign), Bill has hosted a progressive current affairs panel show, called “Arsenal For Democracy,” which airs on 91.3 FM WVUD and is produced here in Newton. The show’s goal is to promote progressive, big ideas on global and national issues, and to encourage greater participation in politics by members of the Millennial generation.

Bill has also worked as a researcher at the Boston offices of a small global consulting firm focused on local economic development and socially/fiscally responsible investment attraction strategies.

Bill is a graduate of Newton South High School and the University of Delaware, with an Honors B.A. in Political Science, and minors in History, Geography, and Political Communication. In college, Bill led the Delaware College Democrats, served on John Carney’s first congressional campaign, and organized student volunteers for Chris Coons’ first U.S. Senate campaign.

After graduating college, Bill served as the Statewide Director and co-founder of Delaware Right to Marry Political Action Committee.

Bill has been an active member of Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts and Progressive Massachusetts, the Sierra Club, as well as an executive board member of the Newton Democratic City Committee and a member of the Ward 5 Newton Democratic Committee. Bill earned his Eagle Scout rank from Troop 182 in Wellesley MA and used that status to advocate for local and national policy changes for the organization to be more inclusive and welcoming. Bill has been active in U.S. and Massachusetts politics and public affairs for more than a decade.

He is from a family with many generations of public service to the United States, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and Middlesex County. Bill's mother is a union nurse and Bill's father is a public transit planner.

Like his family, Bill believes passionately in the power of good government and public works to make society more socially just and equitable. The 2014 and 2015 protests across the United States for racial justice, as well as the mounting climate change catastrophe, reaffirmed that commitment and inspired Bill to enter electoral politics as candidate, not just a campaign worker, in 2016.