Welcoming Young People


Newton's prohibitively expensive barriers to entry – especially for housing – have continued to make Newton largely unwelcoming to potential young residents. As a young resident myself, I believe we can change that.

We need to make our community a place where our graduates can (and want to) return home after college – like I did and like generations of my family have done before me. There is a large population of Newton natives living in other parts of the country, and there is no reason we should not be working to get them back here.

As your next Ward Councilor, I will…

  • Support a housing policy that promotes affordable options for young renters and first-time homeowners.

  • Support an economic development strategy that is equally welcoming to residents of all ages for working, shopping, socializing, and more.

  • Support transportation planning that better connects young, car-free residents and employees within Newton and to neighboring communities.

  • Continue my peer engagement strategies that have helped young Newton residents and Newton Public Schools alumni in my age cohort stay connected and informed on city issues and neighborhood concerns.