Our village centers make Newton special. We should strive to make it possible for everyone to walk or bike safely and easily from their home to the nearest village center and transit options. We also need to grapple with the Greater Boston area housing crisis that has come to include Newton. It is incumbent upon us to ensure the responsible and sustainable expansion of a diverse array of housing options here in Newton that are affordable and reduce regional sprawl. We need to manage those changes responsibly and systematically, with recognition of both our city’s history and its future. Newton has changed a great deal over the past century and a quarter, and we must ensure that the coming changes make Newton livable for everyone.

As your next Ward Councilor, I will…

  • Continue my advocacy for transit-oriented housing development, affordable housing for low- and middle-income residents, diversity of types of housing stock, and environmentally sustainable housing construction.

  • Support affordable housing options geared specifically toward young people and senior citizens, as well as families.

  • Help preserve historic neighborhoods and housing, while ensuring responsibly managed growth and density.

  • Support studying whether community land trusts, public ownership, or non-profit ownership of select residential properties or blocks could help Newton sustain historic neighborhoods and promote long-term affordability.

  • Explore expanding Newton’s popular program allowing many eligible seniors to defer property taxes until they or their estate sells the house.